Genre Essay

Here are the complete assignment instructions as posted on the syllabus:1000 words. Choose a genre of music from Africa* or Latin America and write a 1000 word essay. We will discuss possible genres to write about in class. Genre essays must include:A) An Introduction and driving thesis statementB) Information covering the following:– Cultural and historical background: who/what/where/when/why?– Description of the performance context: what happens around the music?– Musical analysis including instrumentation and other musical details.C) Works Cited page in MLA format showing research from at least 2 sourcesEssays should be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font and double-spaced.When selecting a genre to write about, choose something that you find interesting orpersonally enjoy.* Genres of African music need to be music from the continent of Africa, not African American music genres. You may choose to write about the African versions of genres that had American origins–i.e. South African jazz, Senegalese hip hop, blues in Mali, etc. But your research for this assignment needs to focus on the continent of Africa.
Files below Complete instructions and suggestions on how to approach thisassignment are posted below