Genetically modified organisms (GMOs).





A friend tells you that she avoids foods containing GMOs because they are unhealthy. You decide to use the knowledge gained from your biology class and some additional research to form your own opinion on GMOs. Answer the following questions backed up by scholarly information sources (note: .com websites are generally NOT scholarly, and avoid biased organizations such as What is the purpose of genetically engineering crop plants and domestic animals? How are GMOs created? Use the provided course materials and make a connection to the central dogma of molecular biology in your explanation. Which foods in your supermarket contain GMOs? Include at least 2 specific examples of commonly produced GMO foods (make sure to discuss the modification(s) each contains). Based on the available (scientific) research, are foods that contain GMOs safe for human consumption? What are the pros and cons of GMO foods? Who are the governing bodies and what types of regulations exist for these foods? Clearly explain your reasoning (backed up with scientific evidence) for each answer and keep it impartial. In your conclusion, state whether or not you agree with your friend.

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