GBUS541 Global Strategy and Business Environment


The assessment item requires you to take on the role of a business development consultant and produce key insights/actionable information to guide the global expansion strategy of a New Zealand business. It assesses your understanding of the global business environment and your ability to use these insights to shape the expansion strategy of a New Zealand business going international. 
The assessment allows you to demonstrate progress towards the following course learning objectives (CLOs):
1.Explore different concepts and frameworks that illustrate strategy in practice
2.Think critically and creatively about strategy concepts and frameworks
3.Describe and effectively communicate strategic alternatives and recommendations
4.Apply a global and multicultural perspective to strategic decisions

a)Conduct a brief situational analysis to outline where Zerode Bikes fit in the marketspace
b)Search for and utilise macro level data, insights, and trends
c)Discuss findings against the backdrop of key scholarly literature and models
d)Provide actionable recommendations for the client organisation