Free will in Macbeth

This class is an IB English course. The paper in question is an HL essay. My topic will be on the idea if free will exists in the play “Macbeth” or not. I would like is to be drafted/written as an argumentative essay. The idea is that I believe free will doesn’t exist, and the argument would be free will does exists and why I (or the writer) believes it’s the wrong perspective. I would like to almost achieve to convince readers that my standing is correct, while proving extensive knowledge of the play. I have also seen the Roman Polanski film so that would be helpful. The minimum word count is 1500, and citations/ quotes are not included in the word count. I want the essay to be coherent and well formatted. Convincing analysis and evaluation of textual features in relation to the chosen topic as well as flow and well integrated new ideas and vocabulary.