FO623 Psychology of Law Enforcement- Police Behavior

FO623 Psychology of Law Enforcement


Police Behavior (2pages)

With regard to CA Commission on Police Standards, provide an example from the news of police behavior that demonstrates or violates a Dimension, as defined in the reading.  Give the link to the news story you choose.  Describe the behavior of the police officer in the news story, and provide an explanation as to the relevance of the behavior to the Dimension you selected.  Expand and fully support your answer.


California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (n.d.). Download California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (n.d.).   Patrol Officer Psychological Screening Dimensions.

Delattre, E. J. (1996).  Death & Bereavement, Deadly Force & Guilt Download Death & Bereavement, Deadly Force & Guilt Characters & Cops: Ethics in Policing (3rd. ed.) (pp. 215- 221). Washington, D.C.: The AEI Press. 

Gilmartin, K. M. (2002).  Long-Term Effects of Hypervigilance. Download Long-Term Effects of Hypervigilance.  Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement: A Guide for Officers and Their Families (pp 71-109). Tucson, AZ: E-S Press. 

Culture and Diversity (2pages)

Explain how the police culture can lead to problems in the area of diversity, and the assistance that is available.  Incorporate an item from the news that supports your position.  Cite your source.


Jones, J. W. (1995). Counseling issues and police diversity. Download Counseling issues and police diversity.   In M. I. Kurke, & E. M. Scrivner (Eds.), Police psychology into the 21st Century (207-254). Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., Publishers. 

Miller, S. L., Forest, K. B., & Jurik, N. C. (2003). Diversity in Blue: Lesbian and Gay Police Officers in a Masculine Occupation Download Lesbian and Gay Police Officers in a Masculine Occupation .  Men and Masculinities 5 (4). 355-385. 

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