Fire Protection (Unit VIII)

For this assignment, you will write a reflection paper on your experience with the assignments, course, and what you havelearned.When responding to one of the questions below, please keep in mind how the legal aspects of fire and emergency services(FES) impact employment and personnel matters as well as the political and social impacts of legal issues affecting FESorganizations. Additionally, use your experience during the course to respond to at least three of these bulleted questionsbelow:Will you change any decisions, behaviors, or actions as a result of this course regarding understanding legal impacts onFES organizations and personnel? If making changes, what changes would you like to make, and how would you makethem?Did the course have any positive or negative bearing on your thoughts about legal issues facing fire and emergencyservices?Looking back, what would you have done differently in writing any of your assignments?Why do you think you made the particular responses to the assignments that you did? Do you think these were the rightresponses? Were the responses based on previous experiences or on knowledge?What are your thoughts on the overall experience in general? Was it a useful learning experience? What specific skills orperspectives did you acquire as a result that will make the task of being a fire or emergency service employee moreeffective?In addition, address your ideas presented and your insights for future learning as it applies to legal aspects. This is not aFSC 3510, Political and Legal Foundations of Fire Protection 6summary. A reflection paper is an opportunity for you to express your thoughts about the material you are studying by writingabout it. Reflection writing is a great way to study because it gives you a chance to process what you have learned andincreases your ability to remember it.Your reflection paper must be at least three pages in length.