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1) Proposal
In preparation for the actual writing/creating of your final project, you will submit a project proposal accompanied by an annotated bibliography of at least four scholarly sources.
The proposal itself is a concise statement of 250-500 words that describes: a) your topic of study; b) the question(s) on which you will focus; c) the methodologies you plan to utilize; and d) the direction(s) toward which your research and analysis will point.
The most difficult and important part of writing a proposal is the selection of a suitable topic. The following excerpt from Worlds of Music is helpful in this regard:
A topic is more than just a subject. It is a subject viewed from a particular angle, from a certain perspective, and with a limited goal in mind. “The Jewish cantor” is an example of a subject, something to investigate. “Musical training of Jewish cantors in New York City” is a topic. The cantor is viewed from a special perspective: his training. You want to understand what the training is and what the results are. Another example of a subject is “the Outlaws, a local country music band.” A topic that involves the band might be “gender and gender roles in the music of the Outlaws, a local country music band.” Here the focus is on the band members’ attitudes, interactions, lyrics, social scene, and so forth. By themselves, subjects cover too much ground. Topics focus your attention on specific questions that will help you organize the information you collect (Titon, 507-8).[1]
2) Annotated Bibliography
The annotated bibliography offers you the chance to survey and digest a portion of the critical tradition connected to your topic. As you read articles and books, take notes so that you will have a quick reference guide when it is time to incorporate criticism into your own paper. You are not required to respond to each article in your paper, but you will want to make clear how your arguments build on, agrees, or disagrees with at least a couple of the critical positions you have read. You will also want to pay close attention to how each article/book you read constructs its problems, thesis, and support, as these texts will provide useful models once you begin working on your own papers.
The annotated bibliographies for your proposals must include at least four scholarly sources (see “Scholarly sources” for what sources count), only one of which may be taken from the class reading list.
Bibliographical Information should follow MLA. Sources should be listed alphabetically by the author’s last name; everything should be double-spaced.
Annotations should be 3-5 sentences long. The following format is recommended:
State the problem, text, musical culture, or musical activity that the author discusses (1 sentence).
State the author’s thesis (1 sentence).
Summarize the methodology and supporting arguments (1-3 sentences).

Please find the 4th scholarly source.
I want to investigate in Western interpretations/Cultural appropriation and representation using few songs (2) in Mulan and The Lion King. How Disney uses songs to play into certain stereotypes.
Topics including
Western deception gender inequatlity(Mulan). misrepresentation of asian and african communities and cultures (Both)
Where are the songs come from? Composer or borrowed or imitating others?
Asian women are represented in western cinema, theatre (exampes: Miss Saigon, madam butterfly)
This kind of representation can also be seen in other art forms, connected to other scholar

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