Final Learning Reflection

For this assignment, please type a 2-3 page double spaced reflection on your learning so far in the course. A Learning Log is basically a log or record or journal of your own learning. It is not necessarily a formal ‘academic’ piece of work. It is a personal record of your own learning. As such it is a document which is unique to you and cannot be ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. A Learning Log helps you to record, structure, think about and reflect upon, plan, develop and evidence your own learningWhat is a Learning Log?A Learning Log is a journal which evidences your own learning and skills development. It is not just a diary or record of “What you have done” but a record of what you have learnt, tried and critically reflected upon.For example if in your Learning Log you include details of what you did or how you did something then consider asking yourself questions such as:Did it go well? Why? What did you learn?Did it go badly? Why? What did you learn?How can you improve for next time?What connections in the course content did you make?What insights have you gained from engaging with the course content?A Learning Log contains your record of your experiences, thoughts, feelings and reflections. One of the most important things it contains is your conclusions about how what you have learnt is relevant to you and how you will use the new information/knowledge/skill/technique in the future.It may contain details of problems you have encountered and solved (or not solved). Examples of where you have started to try out and practice a new skill and examples of your own formal and informal learning. Formal learning is ‘taught’ in a formal academic setting – for example via a lecture. Informal learning is learning which takes place outside a formal academic setting, for example, though talking with friends or colleagues in a social setting.A Learning Log is a personal document. Its content may be very loosely structured and only of relevance to you. Once you have commenced a Learning Log you will find it a valuable and useful ‘tool’ to help your learning and to help you to think about and structure your own learning.How do I ‘do’ a Learning Log?A good quality log entry is one that shows good reflection, which means that it demonstrates your insight into how you are performing and how you are learning from your everyday experiences.Some evidence of critical thinking and analysis, describing your own thought processes;Some self-awareness demonstrating openness and honesty about performance along with some consideration of your own feelings;Some evidence of learning, appropriately describing what needs to be learned, why and how. Try to write something down after every new learning experience.What you didYour thoughtsYour feelingsWhat connections in the content did you make?What insights have you gained from engaging with the course content?How well (or badly) it wentWhat you learntWhat you will do differently next time.
I linked my other log i did in Feb . If you have any questions just let me know or just make up stuff