Final criminology paper

Final Paper Guideline’s
Select one crime we discussed in class or another crime not discussed in class. Conduct research on that crime and write a paper that includes the following:Section 1: Overview of the Crime (15 points)Statistics and prevalence of the crime.Brief summary of the crime and its impacts.What studies or research have been done about the crime? Summarize one of the studies and its impact on policy or response to the crime.Section 2: Intervention and Prevention Approaches (15 points)What type of community-based or systems-based services are effective in reducing recidivism of this crime and/or supporting offenders of this crime? Describe them.What type of crime prevention programs exist to prevent future occurrences of this crime? Describe them. What makes them effective? Has any research or studies been conducted to assess the program?What thoughts or ideas do you have on additional programs or supports that could be implemented to address this crime and prevent it? Describe them.