Fandom on kanye

PARAGRAPH #1: IntroductionBegin with a sentence that not only identifies that you are a member of a specific fandom but also creates interest in the fandom. Check out this handout on Introduction strategies for guidance.Introduce the idea of your fandom as an example of what Henry James calls “participatory culture.” Throw in the five characteristics of a participatory culture as well as James’ theory that “engaging within a participatory culture requires and fosters skills and knowledge, and it provides a safe space with which to experiment with new passions or activities.” (*Don’t forget to give Jenkins his props in the signal phrase (ex: Henry Jenkins, renowned American media scholar)Thesis: argue whether or not your fandom experiences support Jenkins’ theory. Here is a handout I made on thesis statements.PARAGRAPH #2: BackgroundBegin with a topic sentence that makes your paragraph’s topic (your fandom) clear.Provide general background information about your fandom. This can include how the fandom became a thing, how many people are involved in it, and some examples of the fandom’s activities or philosophies. Cite sources of any public data if relevant (for example, you are providing stats or specific info).PARAGRAPH #3: NarrativeMove away from describing the fandom in general to reflecting on yourself as a fan specifically. The beginning of the paragraph is generally the right place for this transition sentence to go, and I’m not going to lie: this is a challenging sentence to get right! If you get stuck on it while drafting, just write yourself a placeholder and keep it pushing! Here’s a page from grammarly and here’s a page from UNC. Both give examples and UNC even provides a chart of transitional expressions. Once you’ve stuck the landing on the transition, describe your own history and experience as a fan, exploringYour fan origin storyFan practices you (have) engage(d) in (products, experiences, hobbies, etc)Stories that showcase you as an active member of the fandom community and/or illustrate your participation with other fans..The ways the fandom has shaped your identity or worldview,PARAGRAPH #4: Case studyMove away from you and your experiences and towards the experiences of another individual that you identify as a member of the fandom. You can share how you met and how the fandom has brought you together. Show how this individual’s experience of the fandom is similar/dissimilar to yours.PARAGRAPH #5: ConclusionReturn to your thesis, with the focus being on what we now know about the social theory based on your study of life in one community. In other words, your paper should “show” rather than “tell” us that you have supported the claim from your introduction. If you need assistance with crafting your conclusion, refer to the end of this document.
PROTIPS: Stay on task by keeping the Assignment and Rubric handy while you draft! Remember to use the quote sandwich to integrate any secondary sources!