Fake News Essay on Monkey Pox

Your essay will be structured as a compare and contrast essay. Really, it will primarily focus on the contrasts, the differences between your two subjects: one fake news article and one legitimate news article on the same topic.

First, it will be up to you to find your two sources. A quick internet search should provide you with a short list of fake news sites. Legitimate new sources will come from publications that have good reputations.
It is important that your two articles, the fake one and the real one, are covering the same topic. This is what will allow you to contrast them. A compare and contrast essay is organized around parallel points, which means that when you cover one aspect of one article, you should cover the same aspect of the other article. For example, if you write about the language of article one, you should also write about the language of article two in equal detail. There should be an equal balance.
Here is what I am looking for in the final draft:

A well-developed introduction with a strong, focused thesis statement.
Paragraphs that begin with strong topic sentences stating the specific focus of each paragraph.
Close reading of the two articles demonstrated by paraphrase and quotation of evidence that supports your claims.
A well-developed conclusion that brings a fresh perspective to your essay.
Three to five full, double-spaced pages.
An MLA Works Cited page. This doesn’t count towards the total number of pages.
A final draft that is formatted professionally (in other words, no sloppiness) and is proofread for spelling and grammatical errors.