Explain why you believe that it is an issue for the visualization.

Please check the grading rubric and then respond to the prompt fully:

For this week’s discussion, you will identify one (1) data visualization of your choice on any topic that you would like. You can find the visualization from a news article, scholarly article, social media, or any other location that you can share your graphic from.
Share the following with your peers:

1. A link to visualization you have found – if it is an image or in a non-linkable location, please upload a screenshot or copy of the file.

2. A summary of the topic that is being discussed in the visualization – what is the visualization supposed to be saying and/or what does it say to you?

3. Identify at least one potential issue with the visualization – this could be related to design principles, misleading information, limited or missing metadata/context, or any other feature that you found an issue with. Explain why you believe that it is an issue for the visualization.

4. Identify one aspect of the visualization that is done well and explain. Remember, just because it is done well, doesn’t mean that it is good. Well done visualizations can be create to misrepresent data.

5. Based on the infographic itself and the information/context provided about it from your source, can you identify who created the graphic and what their motivations were? If yes, discuss the potential perspective or biases they may have. If no, explain what is problematic about not knowing the influences that produced it and what information could have been provided to help make it more trustworthy.

6. Include any other relevant discussion points that interest you on the topic.