Explain what a user interface is.

***Double spaced, good grammar, spelling and punctuation MUST be incoporated in the paper. Proper English, no fluff sentences to meet word count, and sentences need to flow properly***
Answer the following questions:Name two mobile operating systems.Operating systems that have windows and icons have which type of user interface?What is virtual memory?What is compression?What is preemptive multitasking?What are device drivers?What is the power-on self-test?What does Plug and Play (PnP) mean?Explain what a user interface is.Explain what file extensions areThe guidelines for this assignment are:Your answers need to be complete and thorough. Do not regurgitate the textbook to me. Answer using your own words.Your submission needs to be double-spaced. Use good grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Submission should be in .docx format.Use reputable resources. Properly cite the resources you used to help write your paper.Review the Writing Assignment Grading Rubric to see how I am going to grade this assignment.