Explain the IISCA in lay terms to a non-behavioral person.

Prompt 1: Explain the IISCA in lay terms to a non-behavioral person.Prompt 2: How is the IISCA different from a functional analysis?**ORIGINAL means neither borrowed nor copied and pasted from another source; you must be creative!You are required to make an initial post on Wednesday (in response to the discussion prompt) AND respond to at least 2 classmates’ posts no later than Sunday, for a total minimum of 3 posts per discussion forum.Your discussion posts will be graded with the maximum points only if ALL of the following criteria are met:INITIAL POST (must be posted on Wednesday): Answer the discussion prompts (you MUST answer every single prompt!!)RESPONSE POSTS (minimum 2, due no later than Sunday): Respond to at least 2 different classmates’ discussion postsRespond to your classmates’ initial postAsk follow-up questions based on their initial postResponse posts should be posted on separate days throughout the week, but no later than Sunday by 11:59pm ET