Explain how you determined these secondary sources to be scholarly.

Research Portfolio Assignment #4—I-Search Paper: Write a 2-page reflective I-search paper onyour research process used in Research Portfolio Assignments 1-3. The title of the paper should beyour historical question (not the background for the question, just the question itself). Begin thepaper with the historical context and background about why you wanted to answer this historicalquestion. Next, explain how you went about locating and identifying scholarly secondary sourcesabout this historical topic. Explain how you determined these secondary sources to be scholarly. Forthe primary sources describe how you authenticated the source (recall the example of a mis-quotefrom Abraham Lincoln about the internet). If you experienced challenges or difficulties, for examplelocating primary sources, then explain that. In the body of the essay, specifically identify andfootnote resources used as you analyze how each helped to answer the research question. For theconclusion, provide the answer to your question and include an explanation about how the sourceshelped to answer your question. Write a Bibliography for the last page that includes all sources used.
1. Review the previous assignments: Research Portfolio 1,2, and 3. Use this information to helpyou craft the essay for this assignment.2. Review the SAMPLE essays attached here for an idea of what the finished essay shouldresemble.3. FORMAT: Use the Chicago Manual of Style to format the essay. To access this reference book, signin to the EOU Library, then search “Chicago Manual of Style.” Access the electronic version of themanual and look up the formatting guidelines.