Explain how to transition from in person therapy to online therapy.

Creating Platform How-To andClinical Coach Video Demos for the Help Center of a new Online Therapy CounselingPlatform.This will be a script of how totransition to therapy from being in person therapy.Support ongoing learning for a large Provider remoteworkforce.Provide bite-size content for new therapist to use whenthey have a question in their daily work.Create a “pull” self-learning culture, where Providerscan access the exact information they need when they need itUse words and common examplesthat work for all therapist.This is creation of aExplain how to transition from in person therapy toonline therapy. We will need 14 thingsthat are needed duringthe transition during therapy. This is a platform that allows you to sendmessages to clients on a secured platform. This paper is aninformation way to help new employees transition to the platform.Thing like :1 Monitor the need forself care in between back to back sessions, pace yourself duringsessions.2. Use scripts when returningmessages to clients.3. Do not be overwhelmedwhen you see so many responses from your clients.
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