Explain how to achieve success as a nursing student in the psychiatric nursing program.

Explain how to achieve success as a nursing student in the psychiatric nursing program.Focus on THREE points of interest related to your chosen topic of nursing student success. Be sure to state these three points of focus in your thesis statement.
For example: Prioritization, Time Management and Motivation may be of interest to you. Return to your LASSI or your VAK results to get an idea of what should be included.
The opening paragraph needs to capture your audience and introduce your short paper. A thesis statement at the end of your introductory paragraph is mandatory. There are resources provided below that will assist you in creating a good thesis statement.
Each topic sentence of each body paragraph introduces the point of focus for that paragraph. Each topic sentence in each body paragraph should appear in the order stated in the thesis statement.
The final paragraph summarizes the main points that you discussed in your essay and restates your thesis statement in a new and interesting way.
Title page, essay and reference list all to APA formatting standards – no abstract is required.
1000 words. Essays over/under 1000 words by 10% will be penalized.
Your essay must contain the following:
Two direct quotes (APA format)One block quote (APA format)Paraphrase (APA format)A minimum of three evidence-based, peer-reviewed articles from the past 5-6 years retrieved from ProQuest must be cited for this assignment within the body of your essay as well as appear on your reference list. Students are welcome to use resources found in this course but they must be in addition to researched articles from ProQuest.
Students are to read and reference ONLY from the articles located from ProQuest and this course. Do not refer to any other sources (websites or literature) for this assignment.
Steps in writing your first essay
1) View the resources from this week to prepare and organize your essay
2) One of the most helpful ways to start a paper is to brainstorm. Read the guidelines so you understand exactly what is expected (for example, the instructions state to focus on three points) then brainstorm about these three points.
3) Look at the Brainstorm Resource template. Try one of the templates to organize your thoughts and ideas.
I also have already wrote a body, please also change to universal and not third person.
How to achieve success as a nursing student in theRDPN program.
Self-care, Resiliency and Perseverance
Every student has a story to tell. We came from different walks of life withdifferent reasons and ambitions for taking up the RDPN Program, but regardlessof the intent and our purpose, what really matters is how we can overcome andbe successful in the end. What does it entail to be considered a successfulNursing Student under the RDPN Program?
Self-discipline is a foundation something we often hear about to lead us towardour different goals in life, but what it does it really mean depends on how aperson perceives and embodies it. Being disciplined could mean a lot of things.It can include following strict schedules to study, accomplish school or workprojects, carry out commitments to families and friends, attend appointmentshere and there, and the like, but the most important part that some peopleactually lack to be really disciplined about is by taking care of our health,which should be the number one priority in order to succeed. We could be themost hardworking and inquisitive person we want to be in order to achieve ourgoals in life, but none of it would count if our health is not in tune with ourplans. If our health deteriorates, all of our sacrifices would be wasted. Weneed to set a time to breathe, to relax, to ensure of having enough sleep,watch what we eat, to move, and exercise our bodies. Those are considered thebasics, but we have to accept the fact that it is actually hard to take care ofourselves in the current state of the world we live in. We need to be incontrol not just with the way we do and organize things to perform better inacademics, but we need to be disciplined in all areas of opportunities, mostimportantly on how we take care of our health, mind, and spirit. We should notlet stress take over us. After all, we will be looking after other people’swell-being, but before it can be done, we have to make sure that we are healthyindividuals to provide the care they need.
We may not be born resilient. We may not have that attitude engrained in us,but it’s an effective approach to cultivate problem-solving skills as change isthe constant thing in the world. We might find ourselves stuck in a positionwhere adapting to a new environment or situation is the only option. Changecould be a dilemma. While there might be different coping mechanisms availablesuch as asking help from a loved one or a friend for support, but most of thetime, it might not be possible. We need to be open that odds will not alwayswork in our favour and that there might be drawbacks along the way. Being resilientcan help us build our own strength and safeguard our sanity from depression andanxiety to acknowledge the fact that sometimes, our mind and body can only takemuch of what’s troubling us and that it is okay to pause and heal so we can bebetter after a storm. If we can have the self-control to take care of our body,mind, and spirit, then we can have a better sense of condition to create a morepositive environment to our community and most certainly, to our own mentalhealth. It’s easy to forget, but we have to keep in mind that we’ve come thisfar, because the first step we took towards reaching our success is by gettingout of our comfort zones. That risk alone is a great example of resiliency thatshows to be an effective attitude to become successful not just for being aNursing Student, but as a whole.
We have to try hard. We must constantly find solutions whenever the situationseems hard enough to bear, we need to maintain optimism that this too shallpass. We must utilize our resources, read through our books over and over againuntil we can finally find our groove, and if not, to just keep on trying. Someof the basic solutions are often overlooked. We can educate ourselves throughresearch, by asking a professor, or even a friend, a family member, or aco-student for some tips and advice to outcome a hurdle that is pulling usdown. If there’s something that we cannot really comprehend, then we shouldfind ways to understand it. It could be by attending additional collaborations,seminars, watching, and listening to conferences related to the scope of thestudy. We should find our strategies instead of reasons why it cannot bediscerned. We can bounce back from the struggles and not let them discourageus. We are free to seek help, we can ask for guidance, we can choose to persistand seek inspiration to have a mindset that it will get better each day. Weshould persist. We should persevere. We have to find our core on why we keep itgoing even when the situation is tough. As Nelson Mandela once said in a speechhe delivered in 2001, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
I have come to realize that being at a Nursing school is challenging enoughwith all of the information and tasks that needs to be absorbed andaccomplished, but the most important part of it all is how it can be overcomeand addressed accordingly through proper mindset of ideologies. We have tounearth our purpose in how and why we do things. We need to learn how to ruleourselves in all possible aspects: mentally, emotionally, socially andspiritually to fit in a situation where we can push through to maximize ourpotentials and capabilities. In the end, we can fully savour the smell ofsuccess by recollecting how the obstacles we faced have shaped us. Oftentimes,it is not really about the destination that will teach us, but the bits andpieces of the journey that taught and shaped us.