Explain how network and communication technologies operate?

Name your topic in your post title and in the first sentence, and explain in the first paragraph why/what about the topic you would like to know more (i.e…I always wondered how amazon always knows what I’m likely to buy, I always wonder how what I type on the computer gets converted into text, I always wonder how airlines keep track of their passenger lists, I always wonder how…etc.).
2. Research the topic to find the answer to your question. Use at least 3 difference sources.
Have one clearly defined question/wonder as the title and state your discussion subject in the form of a question/wonder in the first sentence of your document.
Create the discussion in a Word document and upload it
Word count 400 or more (do NOT include references in your count)
Use only in your own words
Use correct spelling, grammar, punctuation
In the body of the discussion write what you’ve learned from your resources.
include HOW the technology works and why it’s important in this section.
In a final paragraph write a conclusion that formulates a summary answer to your question based on your research.
Use at least 3 Resources and list them in the references section in APA format.
4. Include links to at least three references (videos, articles, books, etc.). APA format.
References must be in APA format