Explain “How and when” you will implement your idea.

you will conduct a SWOT analysis on your chosen company to help you decide on where the company needs to expand or improve upon and help you add validity to your idea. You may discover your initial idea needs to be modified or changed after your SWOT analysis and that’s OK.After you conduct your SWOT analysis, write an essay in at least 500 words. Include two (2) new scholarly resources not previously used, and address the following:Describe in detail your new idea for your chosen company. Provide the SWOT component related to your idea and explain. (Ex: ensure to include your idea in the opportunities of your SWOT.)Include production and logistics of your new idea. (Ex: do you need to expand your building, add more employees, build a new production line, add a distribution center in another country.) Be specific.Outline how it impacts the company’s growth, competition, or market demands (it could affect some or all). Be specific and use research, data, statistics, and make an estimation how much it could add to the company’s profit margin and how you foresee this growing the company.Explain “How and when” you will implement your idea. Again, be specific. For example, proposed launch is in Spring of 20XX. Don’t state immediately. Immediately can mean different things to different companies. Be thoughtful and come up with a specific date of your launch and provide a reason for that launch date.Be sure to incorporate all instructor feedback 1 along with this module’s planning portion and submit the entire document.


Is U Bank liable to Rubin and is he guilty of violating the Securities Exchange Act of 1934?

Describe an instance where a poor assessment of a risk resulted in a cost overrun or schedule delay in a project you are familiar with.

Discuss about the life and accomplishments of a historical figure in American Higher Education.

Write a detailed job outline that could be given to a teaching assistant so that they know what their role and responsibilities are.

Write a paper develop a teaching plan for one of the following vulnerable populations: Native Americans, Sexual Trafficked teenage Asian girls, LGBTQ persons, Opioid abusers, Children of migrant farm workers, Persons with bipolar disorder, Pregnant teenagers, Persons who are HIV+, War veterans with PTSD, Others requires professor permission.

Discuss and analyze how the economics at Emory Hospital market impact your management of its supply chain.

Explain how that approach enhances the employee performance in the hospitality industry and improves customer service and satisfaction.

What does biblical teaching tell us about conspicuous

What do you think a multicultural society would look like in America?

What settings should you allow users to change, and what settings should be controlled by the system administrator?