Explain how a toxic work culture can negatively impact employee involvement and morale; therefore impacting turnover.

I need help writing a section of a paper. I have a scenario for a company and I’m putting together a plan on action on helping a company address their situation as if I’m an Organizational Development Consultant. Below is the Scenario for my company. If you have ever heard of Lewins planned change Model we are following that approach, along with an Human Process change for the Intervention.
I only need you to focus on:1) How a toxic work culture can negatively impact employee involvement and morale; therefore impacting turnover.2) Why it’s important to create a “Meaningful” organization Culture
Scenario:Company One began as a small localized plastics manufacturer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 50 years ago. The organization has undergone a period of significant growth in a short period of time. As a result of development, the company has experienced positive outcomes such as increased reach across the nation, a more extensive customer base, and increased product offerings, including technology, food, and other plastics. However, the company suffers from decentralized, misaligned leadership and a failure to update business processes such as compensation and general organizational systems throughout the multiple acquisition processes. It appears that the company has not established a unified culture which continues to be exacerbated by recent mergers, acquisitions, and multiple leadership channels. Employee engagement has decreased by 27% in the past year, and turnover has increased by 11% which is negatively impacting the business. The organization needs development and intervention in multiple business areas, including compensation, culture, leadership strategy, organizational policies, and fundamental business structure.
I MUST have Scholarly sources. You can use 1 source that is not scholarly. It’s a MUST that I have at least a total 3-4 sources in the write up. Below are the sources that I found and was going to use. You can feel free to change and use others as long as 3 out of the 4 are scholarly. Let me know if you can’t find the articles and need me to provide.
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