Explain and examine one case where a monopoly was broken up and analyze the effects of the governmental action on the industry and society.

In any case, you should address the topic from ‘Ethics’ point of view (a ‘Business Ethics’ view in mind). The focus and a substantial portion (e.g., 60-80% of your paper’s content) should address YOUR argument /opinion / position / reasoning / implication as to the ‘Business Ethics’ issues of the topic. Your paper must address the specific ethics aspects of your chosen topic.Please read the following guidelines for preparing this written assignment.· Your paper should not exceed 15 pages double-spaced (excluding cover page and bibliography)..· Minimum of 10 pages double-spaced EXCLUDING cover page, executive summary, and bibliography· Your paper should have a ONE-page executive summary which summarizes:1) Motivation of the research;2) Research method;3) Major findings; and4) Implications. This summary shouldn’t be a bullet-point style summary. You should write a paragraph style summary addressing all the points indicated.· You may have table of contents but NOT required.· Make sure that there is ABSOLUTELY NO part in your paper that has been just ‘copied and pasted’ from the source without proper citation and reference..· You should have at least 8 references and at least 4 of them should be offline/physical reference such as books, journal articles, government documents, NOT a Web page (PDF files of journal articles and the like you obtain through online services would be considered as offline/physical reference sources).