Explain a bit about the anatomy of the skull and nasal cavity.

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IntroductionWhy do you offer CFR at your practice and how does it work in tandem with chiropractic care?What is CFR?In the simplest explanation, how does it work?Why would someone opt for this treatment?
How Does Cranial Facial Release Work?Explain a bit about the anatomy of the skull and nasal cavityHow can problems with cranial movement affect the nervous system and the body’s ability to function?How does CFR correct those problems?What is the procedure like?Consult and ExamWhat are the steps of treatment?How long does it last?What does it feel like?How soon can you experience relief?
Cranial Facial Release BenefitsHow do you know CFR is for you?Why is this technique better than conventional approaches to care?What conditions are best treated by CFR?Can this technique be used on anyone?
FAQs (pick a minimum of 5)How is the cranial release technique performed?How do you know you need a cranial adjustment?How doe a cranial adjustment work?How long does a cranial facial release last?What does cranial facial release feel like?Does cranial facial release stop snoring?How much does a cranial facial release cost?Does cranial facial release hurt?Is cranial facial release safe?What are the side effects of CFR?