Experience of two new leisure activities

The purpose of this assignment is for you to expand your current leisure experience and participate in two new leisure activities. These should be activities that you aren’t familiar with or skilled in. Try something new, exciting, and out of your normal “leisure inventory” or leisure activities.During these new leisure experiences, you are expected to generate at least one page of ‘field notes’ that captures your reactions, observations, feelings, and knowledge. Using these notes, we ask you to write a three page reflective essay that outlines your experience with these new activities. Your essay should be able to be easily followed, so please briefly outline the activity that you participate in when speaking on it. Additionally, please use direct examples of your participation in your writing in order to better capture your experience.Your field notes should touch on or be inspired by the below questions:1.Describe the emotional experience of learning about and participating in an unfamiliar activity. Was this process uncomfortable? Embarrassing? Empowering? Enjoyable? All of the above? Describe the emotions and feelings you experienced leading up to the activity, during the activity, and following participation in the activity.2.Describe the culture of this activity. In other words, describe the unique vocabularies, styles of dress, behaviors, and/or social networks associated with this activity. Did you feel a part of that culture when you first began your participation? Did you feel more a part of the culture at the end of your participation? Why or why not?3.Did you experience flow while participating in this activity? Why or why not?4.After having the experience of being a novice participant, how might this affect your facilitation of this activity/these activities for future participants?