Word Chapter 3 Mid-Level 1 – Football 


Exp19 Word Ch03 ML1 Football


Project Description:

You are preparing a summary of football statistics for inclusion in material published by the conference. Where appropriate, you include formulas to summarize table data. The tables must be attractively formatted, so you use Word’s design and bordering tools as well. Using mail merge, you prepare personalized copies of the material 


Start Word. Download and open the file named Exp19_Word_Ch03_ML1_Football.docx. Grader has automatically added   your last name to the beginning of the filename.


Select tabbed text in   the document from # (in the   top-left corner) to 13.4 (in the   bottom-right corner), including the paragraph mark on the same line, and   convert the text to a table, accepting all default settings. Change page   orientation to Landscape.


Change the font of   the second and third lines (Midwest   Athletic Conference and Season Statistics)   to Cambria 16 pt. Delete column 1 in the table. Change the font of all table   data to Cambria 10 pt.


AutoFit the contents   of the table. Ensure that no team names in column 1 are bold or underlined.   However, entries in row 1 should remain bold and underlined.


Insert a row above   row 1 in the table. Type Offensive Statistics in the first cell on   the new row. Type Rushing Statistics in the next cell on   the same row. Merge the second through   sixth cells on the first row. Apply Align Center alignment to Rushing Statistics..


Type Passing   Statistics   in the next cell on the first row. Select the cell containing Passing Statistics and the next three   cells on the first row. Merge the cells. Apply Align Center alignment to Passing Statistics. Merge the   remaining cells on row 1, type Total in the merged cell, and apply   Align Center alignment to Total.


   Insert a row between HARKINSVILLE and   DAKOTA STATE and type the following   data in the new row:
JAMES COLLEGE 38.2 41.0 220.5 4.2 19.7 32.7 0.601 199.2 7.6 57.9 449.3 5.9 12.7


Select a table style   of Grid Table 5 Dark – Accent 2 (row 5, column 3 under Grid Tables). Select   all table text. Apply a Pen Color of Orange, Accent 2, Darker 50% (row 6,   column 6 under Theme Colors) with a line weight of ½ pt and a line style of a   single line to outside borders.


Ensure that the pen color   is Orange, Accent 2, Darker 50% and the line weight is ½ pt. Click Line   Style, select the first double-line style shown and apply the selection to   the border along the horizontal line separating row 1 from row 2, and also   along the vertical line separating the first column from the second. Do not   extend the vertical line into row 1.


   Move to the end of the document, press ENTER twice, and insert a 3×5 table.   Enter the following data in the table.

Calvin Spraggins SPR 1428
Demaryius Schuster DEN 1197
Brandon Marchant CHI 1182
Wayne McAnalley  IND 1156
Sparky Hall HOU 1114


Change the column   width of all columns in the new table to 1.5″. Apply Align Center   alignment to all entries in the last two columns.


Insert a new blank   row at the top of the new table. Type Receiving Yards in the first cell on   row 1. Change the font size of the entry on row 1 to 14 pt. Merge all cells   in row 1. Ensure that Receiving Yards   is centered.


Shade the first row   of the second table with Orange, Accent 2, Lighter 60% (row 3, column 6 under   Theme Colors).


Add a new blank row   at the end of the second table and type Average in the first cell of   the new row. Enter a formula in the last cell of the new row to average all   entries in the column above. You do not need to select a number format.


Align both tables   horizontally in the center of the page. Check for spelling and grammatical   errors. All names in both tables are correct.


Change the receiving   yards for Calvin Spraggins to 1451. Update the average to reflect   the change.


Click any cell in the   first table. Click the Table Tools Design tab and click Border Painter in the   Borders group. With the pointer resembling a pen, click the double-line   border that divides the first and second rows of the first table to “sample”   it. Then drag to apply the sampled border to the border dividing the first   and second rows in the second table. Press Esc or click Border Painter to   toggle off the setting.


Add a caption below   the first table with the following text: Figure   1: Midwest Athletic Conference Offensive Statistics. (Do not type the   period and ensure that a space follows the colon.) Add a caption below the   bottom of the second table that reads Figure 2: Average Receiving Yards. (Do not type the   period and ensure that a space follows the colon.) Modify the Caption style   to include a font color of Orange, Accent 2, Darker 50%. Caption style font   should be bold (not italicized) and centered horizontally.


Begin a mail merge procedure,   creating a letter and selecting as a recipient list Sheet1$ of Universities.xlsx. Sort the data   source by University in ascending   order. Filter the data source to limit to State of NC. Merge the University   field with the source document so that the university name displays after the   text Draft Prepared for: on page 1.   Ensure that the insertion point is after the space that follows the colon   before inserting the merge field. Preview results and complete the mail   merge, choosing Edit Individual Documents and merging all.


   Select and copy all text in the new document. Display the original document,   move to the end of the document (after the caption on the second table), and   insert a page break. Paste the copied text, resulting in a five page document.   


Save and close Exp19_Word_Ch03_ML1_Football.docx. Close all other open   documents without saving. Submit Exp19_Word_Ch03_ML1_Football.docx   as directed.