Students, Read and Study Chapters #13, #15, #16, and #17 and answer the questions below in a paragraph style:
Chapter #13
1. Explain the terms Computationalism and Culturalism and their effects on Learning
2. Explain  the implications of Pedagogy and Social practices in the development of adult learners
Chapter #15
3. According to Ziehe (2018), what are some normal Learning problems in youth. Name and explain at least 3
Chapters #16 and #17
4. Describe the four components of the Social Theory of Learning
5.Explain the Psychological theories:
a. Behaviorist
b. Cognitive
d. Social Learning

TEXTBOOK: Contemporary Theories of Learning, Learning Theories…In Their Own Words. (2nd ed.) 2018
by Knud Illeries, Routledge Publisher
ISBN 9781351377034