Evaluation of A Sports Organisation

Assessment Details

Using appropriate literature (i.e. academic literature but some professional literature may be suitable), write a critical evaluation of a Different sports organisation’s present-day use of sponsorship i.e. A Sports Organisation .

Overview of the sports organisation, including its recent/current sponsorship deals

From there, focus on two Current sponsorship deals

Critically evaluate why these sponsorships might/might not ‘work’ individually and when thought about together ‘work’ can incorporate a number of issues, for example:

Target audience(s)

Generic and potential specific sponsorship objectives

Short-term versus long-term perspectives

Old sponsors versus new sponsors

Outline what the sports organisation should do to maximise the effectiveness of the two sponsorships

It is for you to consider what ‘maximise’ and ‘effectiveness’ means but you must make this explicitly clear in your assignment

You will likely need to consider academic literature outside of the sponsorship domain as well as sponsorship-specific literature