Evaluate New Business or Franchise to consider

Using the template, address ALL of the following issues:
Provide at least three (3) benefits and three (3) risks associated with each option.Evaluate which model suits your personal preference and explain why. (Note: While you may be interested to buying an existing business, for the purposes of this course and the subsequent assessment related to this new venture, you must focus exclusively on a new business or new franchise in a new location.)Identify an actual new business or new franchise opportunity you would consider starting and what kind of product(s) and/or service(s) you would like to sell. Explain the reasons why you focused on this specific market area and venture type. Please only consider a new for-profit business (or franchise) for purposes of this course. There are upcoming assessments that require feasibility, competitive, financial, and profitability analyses related specifically to a new for-profit business or franchise.Specify which legal structure you will use to structure the new venture and explain the reasons why.Note: Assume this is an actual new venture you will plan for, setup, launch, and operate. To make this assessment meaningful, interesting, and relevant to you, select something you are really interested in and/or are passionate about. Treat it as a real endeavor, something you are responsible for making happen.
The specific new venture you identify and select (new business or new franchise) will be used as the basis for the remaining course assessments you will complete going forward.