Evaluate – explain the process for evaluating the desired outcomes in this scenario.

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Assessment item 2 – Written Paper:Length: 1500 wordsTASKThis assessment task requires you to refer to the casestudy provided on the subject Interact2site and use the template provided to address each ofthe following points in the form of anacademic paper using appropriate nursing terminology:• Collect Cues – provide a brief description of thecontext of this scenario and enterrelevant assessment data into the collecting cuessection of the template. You shoulduse the primary/secondary survey framework toundertake this activity.• Process Information – compare any abnormalassessment findings with normalfindings and identify relevant links between cues.• Identify Problems/Issues– identify the clinicalissue which should be prioritised.• Establish goals -identify two (2) desired outcomesfor this patient that are relevant tothe scenario. These should be SMART (Specific,Measurable, Achievable, Relevant andTime-Limited) goals and should address the identifiedclinical issue.• Select a course of action – outline three (3)interventions within the scope of practiceof a Registered Nurse that will assist the patient tomeet the desired outcomes andprovide evidence-based rationales for each.• Evaluate – explain the process for evaluating thedesired outcomes in this scenario.You are to support your work with at least 10 academicsources (journal articles, professionalmanuals and documents, textbooks, and modulereadings). All sources must be correctlyreferenced in-text and in the reference list inaccordance with APA 7th Edition referencingstyle.RATIONALESUBJECT LEARNING OUTCOMESThis assessment task will assess the followinglearning outcome/s:• be able to apply selected assessment frameworks andthe Clinical Reasoning Cycle toaid clinical decision-making and problem-solving inbasic clinical and simulatedscenarios.• be able to documentassessment findings and nursing care in accordance with legal