Ethnocentrism/Cultural Relativism Awareness.

1.Begin by Defining Ethnocentrism and indoctrination. Is there a relationship between indoctrination, loyalty and ethnocentrism? Many people think that it is hard not to be ethnocentric. That it is a part of human nature. Your thoughts with reasons about the human condition. How is learning(goal of education) and indoctrination different? Is indoctrination a barrier to change? Do you think people think for themselves? How bout yourself.

2. Cite an example of ethnocentrism observed by you is the next task. ( We have much to observe in our present societal situations.?) Are you ethnocentric in some way? What would that be. Ethnocentric ways of thinking have impacted on you? or groups different from you Explain how ethnocentrism creates barriers to communication. There is ample discussion in our text. Put that knowledge into your own words. Ethnocentric ideas formed and taught by whom? Remember socialization agents?

3. What role does loyalty to our co-cultures’ ideas and beliefs encourage the development of ethnocentrism. Read up on indoctrination role in socialization as a method of teaching… What role does it play in the development of ethnocentrism. How important is it to be loyal to what has been socially instilled. Lastly in this question can you question or are you bound to accept what is dictated by society.

4. Identify 3 values of the dominant USA culture from Kohl’s work that you embrace. Discuss how these values directly influence your life. (see Kohls under canvas) Can these values be a barrier to human communication. Define the term Cultural Baggage. Can a person’s values,beliefs, loyalty to the cultures be a barrier to the communication process?. What is your approach to ideas or co-cultures/people unknown different from yourself.What thinking would diminish ethnocentric or biased ways of thought.
All below are #5
How does ethnocentrism effect an assessment or judgement of the value of another co- culture, an interest in knowing differences of other co cultures. Compare Tribalism, nationalism, and patriotism. How are they all ethnocentric or are they? What do they have in common? What is the trouble with indoctrination as a way of thinking and teaching. How does indoctrinated thinking lead to ethnocentrism
Define Cultural Relativism.
Explain how teaching cultural relativism could counteract ethnocentrism. Do we teach cultural relativism in a meaningful way?. If we say yes then why do we have so many judgments about what groups(co-cultures) are more desirable than others.
Answer for yourself. Do you think for yourself. Do you go with what society wants you to believe. Is loyalty a most important value. Is it important without question. Even if you know it may be wrong. Do “We go with the flow”? We allow others to decide and guide our thinking?. Peer pressure? How are you effected by others opinions.


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