Ethics of COVID vaccines

Schools and campuses across the United States are facing the Omicron variant of COVID-19. One means by which we are attempting to return to campuses has been the use of effective COVID vaccines. Though there is much controversy swirling around them – both in favor and against them, about mandates and vaccine passports, and the unequal access to vaccines around the world for those that desperately want them. Consider the two online articles posted about the COVID vaccine – here on ethical questions in general and here on booster shots – and reflect on these as ethical issues. Consider one of the ethical theories you read about this week. Pretend you come from that ethical school of thought – how might you, as a Kantian or Utilitarian ethicist, argue for or against the vaccine? For or against the booster shot before everyone else in the world has had their option? Based on the ethical theory, would you require the vaccine? What about those who can’t get access to it?Articles that need to be read: