Essay discussing a contemporary photography exhibit in respect to subject matter

Essay discussing a contemporary photography exhibit in respect to subject matter and content, line, form, color, depth of field, texture, lighting, and context of the images. The exhibit will need to include a minimum of 5 photographic images and be presented as an exhibition in a venue. Please include responses to the following points in your essay. This MUST BE A PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION or a multi-media show that exhibits at least 5 photographs. Reviews of painting, drawing, or any other medium will not be accepted. This is a simple essay written doubly spaced with 500 words or more in a size 12 font. Depending upon your risk tolerance, you may view this exhibition at a gallery/museum in person or you may view an exhibition online. There are so many possibilities online. You can research online exhibitions via these links or find your own: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
a. Describe the physical attributes of the exhibition space. Is it a museum gallery room? Commercial gallery space? Installation site?
b. What is the source and quality of light in the exhibit area? What impact does the quality of light have on the viewing experience? (IF VIEWING AN ONLINE EXHIBIT, SIMPLY SAY SO).
c. How many photographs are included in the exhibition?
d. Is this a solo exhibition by one photographic artist or a group exhibition of numerous photographers? What is the name of the exhibiting artist?
e. What is the title of the exhibition?
f. How are the photographs mounted or installed in the exhibit? Mounted on the wall? Installed in the exhibit area in an alternative manner?
g. Discuss the subject matter/theme of the photographic exhibition.
h. How has the photographer visualized the theme through the photographs on display?
i. Select one photograph from the exhibit to discuss in respect to line, form, Depth of Field, texture, lighting and context – YOU DON’T NEED TO COMMENT ON ALL IMAGES FOR ANALYSIS – JUST ONE!
j. Include a digital image of the photograph you discuss
k. What did you think of the exhibition?
500 words or more required. 100 points possible