Essay Comparing or Contrasting two Subjects

No sources, please. 7-10 sentences per paragraph, please. I have uploaded the instructions for this essay. If the upload doesn’t work I will paste the instruction here:
PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS!!!Essay 2: Essay Comparing or Contrasting two Subjects
Write a four or five-paragraph essay comparing or contrasting two subjects of your choosing. If you want to write a comparison essay, then you should choose two subjects that appear to be different at first glance, but are really much alike. If you want to write a contrast essay, then you should choose two subjects that appear to be similar but are really very different if you look closely. Keep in mind that the purpose of this essay is to show your reader something he or she might not be aware of; it doesn’t accomplish much to point out the differences between two subjects that everyone knows are different. Use one of the two organizational strategies that we discussed in class. If you choose to use the subject-by-subject approach, then you will, of course, have four paragraphs. Limit yourself to three points, thereby limiting your point-by-point paper to five paragraphs. As always, each body paragraph should express one complete thought which should be expressed in a topic sentence. In your introduction, you will have a thesis statement that expresses the essential similarity or difference that will also act as the topic sentence for that paragraph.
1. A strong thesis statement that expresses the main idea of the essay (what two subjects you are discussing and whether they are the same or different).
2. A strong topic sentence for each body paragraph that contains both a statement of topic and a comment on that topic.
3. Every sentence of each paragraph should support your topic sentence.
4. Every paragraph should support the thesis statement and should be organized following either subject-by-subject or point-by-point organization.
5. Extensive use of concrete and specific language, avoiding abstract or general language whenever possible.
6. Use at least three methods of development.
7. An introduction of 7-10 sentences that gets the reader’s interest and ends with a thesis statement; a conclusion that mirrors the intro and restates the thesis.
8. Edit and proofread carefully to avoid mechanical errors.
9. Adhere to the requirements of the assignment: 4 or 5 paragraphs, compare or contrast, 2 subjects, and 3 points of similarity or difference.