Essay about critique of international law

must write a short essay (6-7 pages of text), criticizing international law in general, or selecting a specific topic, general principle, convention, custom, resolution, statement, case, etc., within the legal framework international. system. Your criticism should include a detailed identification and definition of the international law issue / problem / principle / case you have chosen. Your discussion should include your overall impression, analysis, and evaluation of international law in terms of strengths, weaknesses, effectiveness, fairness, etc. It should also include an analysis of international law from a perspective other than the Western tradition. This implies research on your part to find critical analyzes of international law, for example, from a Third World, feminist, environmental, Marxist, etc. perspective. You must incorporate at least two academic journal articles in your analysis / evaluation of international law. Choosing a topic of international law for a critical review: -International law is a vast and complex field. You must choose a topic within international law (or a specific topic / problem) that interests you. You can select any aspect of international law coverage in the text or in class discussions. -You may want to select emerging doctrines within international law that are still controversial and debated among states, such as humanitarian intervention, preventive war, the “responsibility to protect”, etc. You may want to use the Anghie, Chimni, and Charlesworth, Chinkin & Wright essays as guidelines. -There may be chapters that will not be covered in class – where other legal topics of interest can be found -Other general suggestions: international labor affairs / relations, international environmental law, international criminal law, international humanitarian law, international courts / cases. (The resources have to be from Public Internacional law Fifth edition by Alina Kaczorowska-Ireland).