English PortFolio- Rhetorical Analysis

This is my finals for my literature class, I need this paper revised to the likings of my teacher. She commented on the essay to see what I need fixing. Thank you. I know it is a lot of files but please look at them all. The paper is attached and should the show thed revisions
FOLLOW DIRECTIONS PLEASE-“Your essay meets the original guidelines for the assignment and demonstrates substantial revision.”
These are the original guidelines-THESIS-Your thesis is clear at the end of the introduction and throughout the essay. You have an overall claim you are making about how successful the speech is and what makes it successful (for its intended purpose).
SUPPORT FOR THESIS-The essay provides reasons and evidence from the speech to support your thesis.
ANALYSIS-While the essay may contain some brief summary, it is mostly analysis of the speech.
ORGANIZATION- The essay has a distinct introduction, body, and conclusion. The paragraphs are focused with clear topic sentences, and transitions move from one topic or idea to the next, both within and between paragraphs.
CITATION/DOCUMENTATION- Direct quotes are formatted correctly, and signal phrases are used. There aren’t too many direct quotes, and the essay also paraphrases the speech. The Works Cited page contains the correct format for the heading and a work from a website and/or online video.
SENTENCE-LEVEL ERRORS- The essay is generally free of errors with style, grammar, punctuation, spelling, typos, and word choice. You will lose points for consistent errors.