eng101 defining education

1000-1500 words formatted creatively with an engaging title
Tell us about events that happened, develop the characters involved, describe the setting, build tension as you tell about your change in perspective.
The opening (including the title) should be vivid and engaging, and help your audience focus on the topic and idea. The ending should help your audience know what to make of the idea and provides a satisfying sense of closure, a feeling that the significance of the idea has been explored.
Your composition should have a clear and meaningful thread which is developed as it proceeds, and which is clearly connected to all parts of the essay.
The main idea is illustrated with vivid and plentiful examples and evidence both from your experience and connected to Westover’s text. You should plan on using Westover’s Educated as a “source” to relate and talk about your own experience.
Think of this essay as a way to share something important about yourself with this group of people—who will be taking some risks in sharing their experiences with you. Your essay should also move beyond storytelling to support a larger idea. It’s as if your story is the example that illustrates your thesis.Your point might be something like this: Once I believed education meant ___________________; but today I believe it is really ________________________. Going through the experience of ________________ taught me that ______________. Because of _________________, I now believe that _____________________.______________________ was the best/worst/funniest thing that ever happened to me because afterwards __________________.

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