Energy Balance and Physical Activity

Energy Balance and Physical Activity (PA) Refer to your reports (from part 2, food groups and calories, and nutrients) as well as information in chapter 9 to answer the following:

1. Compare your average total daily caloric intake with the guidelines (target) for total calories and describe your status. (6 points)

a. Based on your total daily caloric status, what could happen with your weight over time if you continue with this average total caloric intake?

b. What could you do to prevent your answer in Q1a from happening? Provide at least two specific strategies related to the energy “IN” aspect of the Energy

Balance equation.

Please note, as before be specific and realistic here. For example, “instead of going out to eat for dinner or ordering pizza each night, I will cook a lower calorie meal at home” is unacceptable for many reasons. Firstly, it’s not specific enough (what is a low-calorie meal?) Secondly, if I am carrying a full course load and working most evenings, where will I find time to prepare and cook? A strategy must include what you would do, when, and how often you would do it. You also must justify your answer, in other words, why the strategy is realistic for you!

2. What are the three components of Energy expenditure? (6 points) a. List specific examples of how you can improve your energy expenditure for each of three components mentioned above (This refers to the energy “OUT” aspect of the Energy Balance)

Another note, the answer “I will exercise more” is also unacceptable. When will you exercise? Where? What will you do? Run? Zumba class? Additionally, you will need to justify your answer, as it should be realistic. For example, let’s say I’m on the soccer team and I am already training (at practice) every day for 2 hours, is it realistic for me to add another hour of exercise 3 days per week?

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