encouraging security architecture developments

One of their first certified architects has subsequently created a few enterprise security reference architectures. The SANS Institute hosted three “What Works in Security Architecture” Summits. The IEEE initiated a Center for Secure Design. The Center published a “Top 10 Design Flaws” booklet. Adam Shostack published Threat Modeling: Designing for Security, and renowned threat modeler, John Steven, has told me that he’s working on his threat modeling book. Anurag Agrawal of MyAppSecurity has been capturing well-known attack surfaces and their technical mitigations within his commercial threat modeling tool, “Threat Modeler.” Choose 2 or 3 three items from the list above and provide an update to their development status. Make sure you provide some background on your selection and then provide the update of the development. You can use my course material textbook if needed:

Title: Securing Systems Subtitle: *PLEASE SEE BOOKSTORE LINK BELOW TO PURCHASE REQUIRED MATERIALS ISBN: 9781482233971 Authors: Brook S. E. Schoenfield Publisher: CRC Press Publication Date: 2015-05-20

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