Emile Durkheim

In the links I have attacked there is the guidelines to the essay under “Durkheim Paper 2021.” I also linked the work by Durkheim “The Elementary Forms of Religious Life” which the essay is about. In short the essay is about Durkheims perspective on religion and his theories, and his “definition of religion, his use ofthe clan, totem and how the totemic principle works, and how we derive religion from thetotemic principle.” The clan, totem and totemic principle are all topics described in the book. There needs to be just a few quotes from within the book as evidence. There are also two other sources that must be used which are linked under “Malinowski Magic Science and Religion” and “Lame Deer alone on a Hilltop.” Lame deer must be used in support of the theories that Durkheim has on religion. Malinowski has to be used as he discusses Durkheim in his own book, and counters him. I will also attach another link to the book of Durkheim in order to be able to control+f search, as the one I have provided does not allow for that. Durkheim book: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/41360/41360-h/41360-h.htm