EDUC5511 Theories in Counselling and Educational in Nature


We are going to stretch ourselves outside of our comfort zone and work with our partner in an unstructured way. There is nothing to follow like with CBT. No material you must gather or charts to complete. This time, you are going to get to know a pattern of relating to others or themselves that seem to repeat. This could be something educational in nature like handing in assignments last minute or late. “Clients”-if you feel comfortable talking about something relational that is ok too just keep in mind that you are working with your peers here. As the “helper,” you are trying to understand this pattern. When did this start and when does it occur? Briefly write up what was discussed. AGAIN, NO identifiable information should be given like your client’s name. Discuss the pattern that you were able to identify. If you were not able to identify a pattern, that is ok. This is your first time. Discuss the difficulty you might have had trying to find the pattern. Focus on your own experience learning from this model. What was it like for you to work from this model? What did you learn about this model and what aspects of this theory do you want to work on for next week?