EDU5324 Trauma – Behaviour and Learning

EDU5324 Trauma, Behaviour and Learning


Length: 2000 Words. Maximum allow able wordcount is 2000 words. Minimum of 10 references. Discuss three concepts of Human Mindset

1. Growth/Fixed mindset

2. Mindsets and resilience

3. Learned Helplessness

After discussing 3 concepts from the above, provide 3 examples of the effective application/use of these concepts in an educational setting (one example of application per concept).

Task: Discuss three concepts, provide an example of application for each concept.

Assessment Criteria

Criteria 1: Discuss key concepts and explain the relationships between these concepts.

Criteria 2: Integrates relevant research evidence to support discussion of key concepts. – Also using and citing the below articles as well as additional scholar articles to support discussion. Use Google Scholar to find scholar articles. Must have minimum of 10 references including the articles down below.

Criteria 3: Generates original examples to explain how key concept/s can be applied in an educational setting

Criteria 4: Presents work professionally, with clear academic writing and within the word limit

Criteria 5: Uses the APA referencing style correctly for both in-text citations and reference list.

Use articles below:

Dweck, C. S. (2006). Mindset. New York, NY: Random House

Martin, A. J. (2015). Growth approaches to academic development: Research into academic trajectories and growth assessment, goals, and mindsets. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 85, 133-137.

Martin, A. J. (2015). Implicit theories about intelligence and growth (personal best) goals: Exploring reciprocal relationships. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 85, 207-223.

Yeager, D. S., & Dweck, D. S. (2012). Mindsets that promote resilience: When students believe that personal characteristics can be developed. Educational Psychologist, 47, 302-314.

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