Editing a draft of a research paper with peer suggestions

Please edit according to objectives and rubric. Also according to the peer review that is attached.ObjectivesAfter completing this module you will be able to:Review evaluation strategies learned in earlier modules and applyReview peer review and evaluation guidelinesReview and evaluate assigned peer articleLecture MaterialsLecture MaterialsRemember peer review is the act of having another person read what you have written and respond in terms of its effectiveness. The reader works to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the product and suggests strategies for revising it. The goal of peer review is not only to strengthen the work, but to help students identify areas if self-improvement for the future, encourage authentic collaboration, and get a better understanding of whether they are meeting the objectives of an assignment. Peer review in the classroom, much like in the scholarly process, aims to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a student’s work and lead to more effective outcomes.Keep in mind the skills you’ve mastered in evaluating a peer’s article in Module 2 and an outside journal article in Module 3, and make a final peer evaluation. This should be the most thorough peer review you do as this is the final feedback your peer will receive prior to preparing a final draft of their journal article for submission to the assigned journal.