Driving as Metaphor,” . In Ming Jen’s “In the Event, . Sarah Thankam Mathews “Rubberdust. The essay is about the short Stories 2020 by Curtis Sittenfeld (the Best American) and The Best American Essays by Andre Aciman 2020

The essay is about the short Stories 2020 by Curtis Sittenfeld (the Best American) and The Best American Essays by Andre Aciman 2020
In“Driving as Metaphor,” Rachel Cusk says:It is often regretted that children can nolonger play or move freely outside because of the dangers of traffic; inevitably, many of the people whovoice these regrets are also the drivers of cars, as those same restricted children will come to be in their time. What is being mourned, it seems, is not so much the decline of an old world offreedom as the existence of comforts and conveniences the individual feels powerless to resist, and which in any case heor she cannot truthfully say they wishedwould be abolished. There is a feeling,nonetheless, of loss, and it may be that the increasingluxury of the world inside the car is a kind of consolation for the degradationof the world outside it. (25)Cusk suggests that people are not reallymourning a loss of freedom but are mourning their existence in an isolatedworld of “comforts and conveniences.”In T.C. Boyle’s “The Apartment” the narratormakes a deal for an apartment so as to insulate himself from his daughters’musical preferences. In Ming Jen’s “Inthe Event” Jen’s goal is a place safe from the external threats of living inNorthern California: fires, possible nuclear attack, and earthquakes. She is contemplating “a new disaster meet-upspot” at the end of the story. Sarah ThankamMathews “Rubberdust”opens with this sentence: “The little girl with no friends reads contentedlyenough at her small wooden desk during recess.”In Elizabeth McCracken’s “It’s Not You” the narrator spends New Year’sDay in the Narcissus Hotel. She tellsus: “My New Year’s resolution was to feel as bad as fast as I could inhighfalutin privacy, then leave the tatters of my sadness behind, along withthe empty bottle and six apple cores.”Jason Brown’s “A Faithful but Melancholy Account of Several BarbaritiesLately Committed” the young John Holland cannot secure a commitment to marryfrom Melissa who tells him instead, “You’ll live…just like the rest ofus.” His future seems to suggestisolation both from the family’s island and from Melissa as well as his sisterand other relatives.In a seven-to-ten-page paper, discuss whetherthe characters in three of the stories are mourning their existence in isolatedworlds of “comforts and conveniences.”Develop a thesis about how accurate Cusk’s statement is of the worldsthat the cited authors present. Yourgoal is to arrive at a synthesis of the concerns of contemporary writers. What are they telling us about contemporary isolation? Is Cusk correct to draw her distinction inthe subjects of mourning? Are comfortand conveniences isolating? Are thestories showing personal freedom actually in decline?Be sure to discuss the three stories youchoose in some depth. Quote key passagesfrom them that focus onthe subject of isolation. You may use other stories or essays that wehave read this semester aslong as youuse three other works.
guidelines:1. Papers must be typewritten, double-spaced,and formatted in MSWord. (No PDFs, please.)Use Times New Roman, Size 12.Margins should be one to one-and-a-half inches on both sides and at thetop and the bottom. Observe the pagelimits that accompany each assignment.2. Essays and stories must have titles. Your title should suggest the subject of yourpaper as well as your slant on the subject; it should hint at your opinion andgive some indication of the subject matter of the paper. Your title should notbe the title of the articles, stories, or other materials you are discussingalthough your title might contain those titles.3. A good essay will argue for a centralthesis. A thesis is an arguablestatement. You must be making anargument that pulls the whole essay together. Be aware that bad opinions arenot worth having.4. Write for a general, college-level audiencethat does not know what reading prompts your paper or what the writingassignment is. You will find itnecessary to name titles and authors in order to orient your reader. In short,you are writing an essay or story that should be able to “standalone.” Do not assume that the audience knows the story that you’re basingyour story on.5. Use of the first person in an essay is notimproper. But avoid statements like “Ithink,” “I believe,” “I feel,” “in my opinion,” “to me,” or other similarhedges on bold statements of opinion. Such phrases usually indicate weak pointsin your argument. Use such phrases in your draft; correct them in final copy byeliminating them and strengthening your opinion by providing evidence or betterreasons for your opinion.6. If you’re writing an essay, you must citesources. When necessary, your papers must cite sources and use the MLAparenthetical format for citation or any standard format like Chicago or APA. Creative papers do not require citations.7. Proofread your work. Use “Spell and Grammar” check in MSWord,but beaware that the program will not necessarily turn up all issues with the wordingof your papers.