Draft a contract

Purpose: In everyday life we are confronted with contracts – learning how to draft a simple contract can be a transferrable skill to any sale. Learning how to draft a contract also teaches one how to read a contract and to focus on important terms and conditions.You were recently hired as the contract manager for J.B. Contracting, Inc. J.B. is a small home improvement contractor in Maryland. J.B.’s offices are located at 345 Maple Street, Baltimore MD 21222. Your MHIC license number is 14597.The owner has asked you to draft a contract for the remodeling of a bathroom for Ms. Mary Jones, who resides at 1765 Lakeview Way, Baltimore, MD 21228. The work to be completed is the complete removal of the existing tub/shower unit, vanity and toilet, and replaced with a walk-in tub unit, new double bowl vanity and new high efficiency toilet. The price for the work is $12,500.00 to be paid at $2,500 down payment upon execution of the contract, and thereafter in 4 bi-weekly installments of $2,500.00 each.
A sample contract is attachedAll materials will be pre-approved by the homeowner and are included in the price. The work is to commence on January 3, 2022 and will be completed by March 4, 2022.As you prepare your contract- please research Maryland Home Improvement Contracts online to determine what, if any, necessary clauses you might need to include in your contract. Feel free to search for sample home improvement contracts on the Internet.Provisions your contract might want to include are (in addition to any you find are required under Maryland law):Price and method of pay­ment;Description of the work to be done;Materials that will be used and who will pay for them;Deadlines/timeframe to complete work;What constitutes completion of the work;What happens if the work or payment is late or incomplete;Status of the party performing the work (independent contractor);Responsibility for any injury;Indemnity for injury to others; andHow disputes should be resolved.