Dowd et al Reading Discussion

Dowd et al Reading DiscussionThisdiscussion board thread pertains to the assigned reading:·Dowd JB, Andriano L, Brazel DM, et al. “Demographic science aidsin understanding the spread and fatality rates of COVID-19.” Proceedingsof the National Academy of Sciences. 2020; 117 (18) 9696-9698. Which I haveattached. Please make sure to read all of it.·
Answer each of thefollowing questions:1. Pickany one of the 4 countries with patterns described in the article (Italy,Nigeria, South Korea, United States). Find data on the trajectory of COVID-19since this article’s data leave off (provide a clearly documented source inyour response text). Using that extension, explain whether the subsequenttrends are consistent or different from the account provided in the paper.2. Thinkof any other country of interest, and explain which of those described in thepaper should exhibit the closest patterns to the country you select. Explainbriefly (a few sentences) why that similarity should exist.3. Whatother socio-demographic features (other than age structure) do you think mayhave similarly differentiating implications for the nature of the pandemicacross locales? Briefly explain how differences across societies may exhibitdifferent pandemic trajectories based on that difference.To use this DiscussionThread as one of your participation activities for this week, you shouldcomplete each of the questions (1-3)