Does True Altruism Exist?

Reading: Issue – Does True Altruism Exist?Yes: Batson, D., Duncan, B. D., Ackerman, P., Buckley, T.,& Birch, K. (1981). Is empathic emotion a source of altruistic motivation?Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 40 (2), 290-302.No: Cialdini, R. B., Schaller, M., Houlihan, D., Arps, K.,Fultz, J., & Beaman, A. I. (1987). Empathy – based helping: Is itselflessly or selfishly motivated? Journal of Personality and SocialPsychology, 52 (4), 749- 758.Supplemental Reading:Darley, J. M., & Latane, B. (1968). Bystanderintervention in emergencies: Diffusion of responsibility. Journal ofPersonality and Social Psychology, (4), 377-383.Written Assignment:1. Try to think of a time when you gave assistance tosomeone in need. Do you think that your behavior was altruistic, or can you thinkof egoistic reasons why you may have helped? Explain.