documentary film

This should be an original research paper that addresses two or more films that explore the same social problem, topic, or theme. Note the word “original.” Don’t simply talk about the life of a particular documentary filmmaker or reiterate the history of a film you’ve seen in class. Instead, explore a key question or issue that is associated with a documentarist or documentary type. In essence, come up with a thesis statement that you would like to prove and assemble evidence (obtained from research and film viewings) to support it. Remember that you are talking about a visual/audio medium so your paper should include clear references to actual images, dialogue, and sound in the documentaries you’ve selected to discuss. Consider the questions listed above for the short paper. Aim for 10 to 15 double-spaced pages, plus your works cited page. The two films I am using are Tyson (2008) and Crumb.