Document Analysis

Use document series A to complete this assignment. Use the terms, ideas, and theories from the course lectures andmaterial to help you complete this assignment (uploaded below). For example, concepts such as otherness, socialabjection, Blackness, gender, disability justice, etc can be used as tools of analysis as youengage with any document included here. ‘Document series A’ mustplay a prominent role in the analysis. The powerpoint uploaded below provides more details and outlines for what the analysis should look like.
– Follow instructions outlined in Assignment guideline and use concepts/theories/ideas from the notes uploaded to do so.– Include three peer-reviewed sources (fourth source is uploaded below, ‘On Property : Policing, Prisons, and the Call for Abolition’), and use the sources prvided below as well.– Cite all sources except any information taken from uploaded file named ‘HUMR2001-A Notes’.– Must be typed, double-spaced and have 2.5cm margins.– Use referencing and bibliographic format from MLA Style.
Here is a description of the course for better understanding of the context in which this assignment should be wrriten: (This is a second year Human Rights university course)Course description: How do we ‘define’ human? Who is the subject of “human rights?” What do human rights accomplish? This course traces the intellectual and political history of human rights as an idea, examining both the conceptual innovations and the social forces that contributed to the invention of the category “human rights.” Readings, lectures, and assignments focus on key points of debate or contradiction in the formulation or implementation of human rights. By the end of the course, students should be able to recognize in contemporary human rights frameworks the legacies of the historical development of human rights, and to critically assess the possibilities and limitations of human rights as social justice project.