Diversity Proficiencies Self-Assessment

• Review the following Learning Resource:• View the following video:• Walden University, LLC. (2015). Introduction tomulticultural education [Video]. Walden University Blackboard. https://class.waldenu.edu
Rate your level on each proficiency in your current practicewith P–12 students using the following Diversity ProficienciesSurvey.• Diversity Proficiencies Survey (Word)*File is attached
• Consider the characteristics of multicultural education asdefined by Nieto in the media. How might you begin toincorporate these characteristics into your own practice tostrengthen or support those areas that need improvement asidentified in the survey?
• Post a 2- to 3-paragraph assessment of your strengths andareas needing improvement from the Diversity ProficienciesSurvey and support your assessment with personal examplesfrom your teaching experience. Then, choose one of yourexamples and relate it to one or more of the characteristics ofmulticultural education as defined by Nieto.