Disease control in Africa

This is my overall thesis for my paper: The U.S faces a challenge to combat disease in Africa due to chinas expanding influence. China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has turned Africa into a contested space which depends upon China economically.
Ideas to support my conclusion: NCO support/ NATO support/ US support/ Chinese Belt and Road initiative
Here is one example from my paper:Supporting Topic: Information and Information Infrastructure Control
Thesis: How China’s control of Africa’s information infrastructure, aids China in the control of information and the Chinese narrative in Africa. From the control of Cellular and Internet Infrastructure to the possibility of China’s censorship expansion to authoritarian nations.
Supporting Idea 1: Cellular infrastructure: growth of Chinese cellular equipment and Chinese telecommunications companies, expanding into the African markets.
Support Idea 2: Internet Infrastructure: How China is funding the digital Silk Road for Internet backbones.
Support Idea 3: Controlling the flow of Information: How China controls information within its own borders and how this may spread into authoritarian countries in Africa
This is how the writer conclusion should look (this is all I need help with)
Supporting Idea: Physical InfrastructureThesis: (need a thesis for physical infrastructure of above topic)Supporting Idea 1
Supporting Idea 2
Supporting Idea 3
Conclusion paragraph of overall topic
Need three sources