Discussion – Reviewing Resumes

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Doreen Herinkgood afternoon everyone,
My parent just open a Filipino restaurant here in Memphis area and one of my task for them is find a good employees to hire and help them. When i started receiving application or their resume is their work history, you can see if the applicant if they are detail oriented, what some experience they may have, also you can see how much this person stay in a job which can explain their work ethic. For interview, personally i do get nervous when i was being interview just because you don’t want to say the wrong thing. i was told in the young age that 1st impression always count when going to your interview, dress appropriate no matter what the job you are applying. when answering the question, listen on how confident, always think over selling your self is ok when you are in a interview but also make sure to back it up wit experiences. The gabs in work history help i identify if this person is a team player, self motivated, dependable and how they adapt on new area.
Amanda Chiniewicz12/1/21, 4:55 PMNEWHello Class,
In my position at work I do all the hiring for the store. One thing that I pay close attention to is longevity of jobs, I look to see if the are a “job hopper” or if they create longevity. This will give me an idea if the applicant will be reliable and if they will stay for a few years. When hiring applicants it’s important to look to see if they have passion for the job that they applied to and if they have any past experience. A lot of times people will just apply to jobs for the paycheck. When conducting interviews ask questions about the job and see what their knowledge is and how they react ( The University of Scranton, 2021). When I am conducting interviews I pay close attention to their body language and how they react to certain questions I ask. It is easy to tell when people are be honest and if they are just telling you what you want to hear. The last question I always ask is why do they think they are the best person for the job. This gives them the chance to open up and will give me an opportunity to see their enthusiasm and passion for the job.